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Sanitary rotor pump


It is suitable for conveying medium with high viscosity and sensitive materials. Specially designed never contact the relative rotation of the rotor, fully ensure that the product will not be squeezed in the process of transmission and damage. Low rotation speed, thus reducing the damage to the medium structure and components.

When the two rotors rotate, the directions are completely opposite and they will not contact each other. The high temperature manufacture and excellent material selection ensure that the rotors can operate normally and efficiently without being affected by the medium.

According to the types and characteristics of the conveying medium, a variety of rotor types can be selected, such as two-blade type, three-blade type, airfoil type, multi-tooth type, etc.

According to the special requirements, can choose different appearance design:

Large inlet for conveying high viscosity medium such as semi-solid medium;

Insulation jacket, suitable for medium with special requirements for temperature, such as butter, etc.;

Pressure relief device, protect the other equipment of the pipeline is not due to the increase of pressure *** destroyed;

Vertical interface, meet the requirements of different devices;

With frequency converter, realize intelligent control.

It can be used in food industry such as various sauces, fats, meat paste, chocolate, cheese, etc., fine chemical industry such as facial cream, toothpaste, etc., pharmaceutical industry such as plasma products, paste and other materials and media delivery.

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