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Product Detail

Sanitary Twinman

Parallel displacement pump, referred to as parallel pump, translation pump, English name Twinsman, is an expert in material transportation. No dead angle, self-cleaning (CIP/SIP), in line with interna
Specification 48 different models
Material Stainless steel material
Brand FirtMan
Inlet and outlet pressure diff 6-8bars
Rotational speed 4000rpm
Flow The maximum can reach 245 m/h
Material viscosity 1-2000000cSt(cps/mpas)
High pressure Twinsman Output pressure 25-50 b


Powerful function

As long as the medium can flow, whether it is low viscosity medium, such as water, CIP cleaning liquid, fresh milk, etc., to high viscosity medium such as various concentrated sauces, all kinds of minced meat, all kinds of colloidal stabilizers, etc.; whether it is extremely delicate cream, shampoo, drinks containing fruit grains, yogurt, etc., or highly sensitive to shear force of bioactive substances such as enzymes, proteins, plasma products, or paints, resins, stabilizers, etc. Stabilizers, etc., can be easily conveyed.

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