Beijing first uses Firstman's patented parallel pump
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Product application field
Dairy industry: Milk, cheese, curd, butter,  Honey, syrup, fruit acid, ice cream, various oils and fats,  Various stabilizers
Pharmaceutical industry: all kinds of liquid medicines, blood products, biology  Products, ready-for-use traditional Chinese medicine, syrup, sugar coating, various ointments,  Glucose, oral liquid
Food industry: yeast, fruit stuffing, fat and oil,  Mayonnaise, mashed potatoes, starch, chocolate,  Cream muffins, fillings, greases Parallel pumps are widely used in the food industry, mainly bec...
Cosmetic industry: perfume, plant essence, ointment,Shower gel, shampoo, face cream, toothpaste
Chemical industry: automotive paints, inks, latex, paints,Enamel, detergent, polymer, resin
Beverage industry: wort, yeast liquid, fruit juice, concentrateJuice, syrup, chocolate, cocoa butter, corn syrup,Gels, beer
      As long as it is a fluid medium, whether low viscosity medium, such as CIP cleaning fluid, fresh milk, etc., to high viscosity medium, such as all kinds of concentrated alarm, all kinds of minced meat, all kinds of colloidal stabilizer, etc.; Whether it is extremely delicate face cream, shampoo, or contain a variety of sizes of real fruit drinks, fruit yogurt, etc.; Whether it IS highly sensitive to shear force of bioactive substances, such as enzymes, proteins, plasma products, or not afraid of shear materials such as paint, resin, stabilizer, etc., the first parallel pump can be easily delivered!
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